A highly versatile artist, Minicoops is somebody you should keep your focus on throughout 2019.

Minicoops is your all around performer. She grew up immersed within the arts and takes her crafts very seriously. Singing, dancing, and acting are the things that truly give her life. Most people call her a triple threat because she’s lit and gives her all to whatever she’s doing. In the past, she’s danced with the NBA Miami Heat Jr. Jam dance team, JKA Dance Troupe, and has appeared in various music videos from Rick Ross’s, “Aston Martin Music”, to 2 Chainz, “Watch Out”. After those experiences in Miami she then traveled to ATL where she now unleashing that hot Miami heat flava. Her plan is to dominate the dancing field and take the world by storm with her different talents. She enjoys being on stage because it always feels like home. While being the captain of a majorette team she won the captain’s solo competition 4 times in a row. Nothing in this world can stopMinicoops from being that all around performer that she envisions herself becoming. Her grandma, Edna D. Cooper, helps her to keep her head up and remain strong. When you see Minicoops wearing purple it’s in remembrance of her grandmother who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer In February of 2012. Please explore her website to watch her slay!

Latest Album


“Kill Coops Vol.1 ”

Released: 01/21/19
Label: Launchpad Records
Format: Digital Download

  1. 1. Kill Coops Prod. Bless'Em'Bless Mini Coops 3:01
  2. 2. Ode To Coops Prod. Bless'Em'Bless Mini Coops 2:59
  3. 3. Lord Forgive Me Prod. Bless'Em'Bless Mini Coops 3:04
  4. 4. Poison Ivy-MiniCoops Feat- Young Niyah-Bless-Em-Bless Mini Coops 3:26
  5. 5. Go Hard-Mini Coops Feat- CharliBabi Prod-Bless-Em-Bless Mini Coops 3:04
  6. 6. New Wav. (Feat. BHM Facts) Prod. Bless'Em'Bless Mini Coops 2:27
  7. 7. Still Got Tha Juice-Mini Coops Feat-Lil Donald-Prod-Tasha Catour Mini Coops 2:24

Contact for Booking

For booking and press inquiries please contact my manager by filling the form or calling the number: 404-609-7064 and asking to speak with Ian burke